Sistine Chapel

Sorry for no blogs recently… things have just been crazy busy around here!

The other day I went to the Vatican Museum in the middle of Vatican City!  The museum is full of beautiful art work in all forms.  There are mummy tombs, tapestries, ceramics, mosaics, and several chapels.  The most famous chapel of them all, The Sistine Chapel is inside this museum.  Michelangelo is the main artist that painted this breathtaking chapel.  On the ceiling he painted a series of 9 pictorial stories from Genesis.  The Chapel took around 10 years to complete.

To my surprise, the chapel was much darker than I thought.  I assume they keep it dark for preservation purposes.  People are also not supposed to take photos, but all around the chapel we saw several people trying to sneak pictures.  The room was full of tourists trying to see the marvelous artwork.

I too snuck a picture and enhanced it, so it isn’t nearly as dark as it really is inside.  I could have honestly stood there all day inside and still not have seen everything.  Such an amazing thing I got to experience seeing!



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